Anyone can do Lashes…But not everyone can “Master” them.

I believe every woman can look beautiful just with one change rather it be lashes or skincare. We offer the latest trends of celebrities at Lash Envy & Day Spa. Experience the latest in eyelash extensions, massage, skincare, airbrush tanning and other spa services.

AWe offer three sets of lashes. The Lash Extension Options:

Option A: Full Set of lashes $250 2 -wk touch-up

Option B: Most requested by clients! 100% of lashes extended. $350 Set – the fullest lashes you can get , a special technique is used to make fuller and touch ups can be 3-4 wks!

We offer senthetic Minks, loose, siberian fur, and silk lashes. Our lashes are some of the BEST on the Market!


A Special Message from Tracy:

I have been in the beauty industry for more then 15 years. My dedication and passion along with a driven attitude to learn as much as possible in every area of beauty so that I can share my beauty secrets, love and passion with other women. I believe EVERY women should feel beautiful and bring out her best features that she may not even know she has. I have seen people cry. I have seen the 1 change in getting eye lash extensions make such a huge impact and difference in one’s face and self esteem! I feel God has truly blessed me in my¬†business but mostly with my hands.

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